Services : Leadership Development

Weave Unity From The Threads Of Difference.

Harness your leadership team's distinct contributions to solve problems and achieve goals. Fumarelli Associates fosters improved performance and communication through collaboration, accountability and respect.

Engaged leadership provides leverage for enduring success and growth. Working with executive teams, partnerships and groups, Fumarelli Associates cultivates recognition of individual differences and contributions, achieving the cohesion and passion that elevates performance and enriches results.


  • Enhanced Communication
  • Higher Level Of Engagement
  • Increased Problem-Solving Capacity
  • Greater Innovation And Creativity
  • Reduced Employee Turnover


  • I direct a large cross-border team of physicians and clinical researchers which has been challenged by legacy and cultural issues. The team has been operating in silos, and we needed to have more transversal cooperation. Tom facilitated a workshop for us in Europe, and while there were some " touch and go moments," Tom was a true magician - the rabbits appeared from the hat and it was a game changer. Participants commented that they had never participated in a program of this quality, and people really got to know one another. Since then, the sense of constructive community has been palpable.

    Vice President Development
    Fortune 200 Global Pharmaceutical Company
    Cambridge, MA