Deepen Insight Through Reflective Inquiry.

Develop your coaching with the supportive guidance of a credentialed supervisor. Fumarelli Associates conducts individual and group supervision to strengthen your coaching skills and increase your ability to help your clients achieve their goals.

The practice of exploring and reflecting on your own coaching allows for a deeper perspective of your strengths and growth areas. A supportive environment to engage in inquiry and insight helps coaches achieve a broader understanding of coaching, which translates to an improved ability to support clients. Individual and Group Supervision with Fumarelli Associates cultivates your coaching skills through practice and reflection in a supportive learning environment that fosters curiosity and growth.


  • Enhanced Awareness
  • Increased Ability to Engage in Self-Inquiry
  • Stronger Results with Coaching Clients
  • Clarity in Ethical Quandaries
  • Deeper Presence in Coaching Relationships


Individual Supervision:
  • Tom’s insightful and thought-provoking questions during our coaching supervision helped me to reflect on the gaps between my intentions and my impact as a coach. His supervision approach and warm style helped me to raise my level of self-awareness as a coach and develop deeper insight. I felt supported so I could grow as a professional and be more effective with my clients.

    Certified Executive Coach
    New York, NY
  • Group Supervision:
  • I’m so glad I had the fortune to participate in group supervision with Tom! He creates an intimate setting that makes you feel comfortable, supported, and safe to explore different cases and aspects of your own coaching practice— without any risk of shame, guilt, or embarrassment. Even though it was a group setting, I always felt heard. Tom has a knack for structuring the sessions so that they flow and enable everyone to participate. Plus, I was able to practice coaching (asking questions, observing what I noticed) during my sessions too! I feel more confident and supported in my own practice thanks to working with Tom.

    Credentialed Leadership
    and Transition Coach
    New York, NY
  • Group Supervision:
  • I participated in group supervision with Tom over a period of 8 months. Tom’s expertise as a supervisor translated effortlessly to the group context. His ability to facilitate a reflective dialogue and crystallize powerful insights from our discussion was invaluable to my development as a coach. During this time, Tom also helped me work through an ethical issue related to one of my clients. His guidance gave me the peace of mind to navigate the situation with care and provided me with a deeper appreciation for the nuances of our work as coaches.

    Credentialed Executive Coach
    San Francisco, CA